discovHer Goes Pop is a secret shopping event!

You sign up  (completely free of charge) and in return receive access to an exclusive directory of small brands and luxury businesses who, on the 30th June and 1st of July, will be providing discounts and offers just to those with access to the directory. 

All you have to do is fill in the form below to receive access to the secret directory!

And even if you're not planning on buying right now, please still join us to connect and get to know brands you may wish to buy from and support in the future as this event is designed to help you connect with new brands and find products that will brighten your day, while helping to support beautiful businesses.





The EEC Christmas Fair

29th and 30th September 

Tidworth, Wiltshire


The Daisy Trust 

5th October 

East Wing, Hurlingam Club, London


St Michaels Hospice Christmas Gift Fair 

Tuesday 6th October 

Sandford Springs, Kingsclere, Hampshire


The Dummer Fair 

7th & 8th October 

The Dummer Cricket Centre, RG25 2AR


The Cotswold Fair 

9th - 11th November 

Daylesford, Kingham, Gloucestershire


The Fulham Prep Christmas Fair 

Sat 21st November 

Greyhound Road, Fulham London


Tadpoles Nursery Fair 

26th November 

Chelsea, London