The Benefits of a Mock Collar & How To Wear Them

The TLM Edit collar collection has been a huge success since I first launched last year with the Victorian Style White Collar.  The collection has grown from strength to strength and now boasts over 14 different styles and colours. 

The Benefits Of a Collar  

  • No bulk under your jumper 
  • Less washing and ironing 
  • Ability to experiment with different style necklines for less money than a full on blouse 
  • Smarten up an outfit 

How To Wear Them 

  • Put on over your bra (and vest if its cold) 
  • Choose a jumper or cardigan that finishes above the end of the bib! 
  • Pull down the back and front of the bib so that it is nice and smooth 
  • Arrange the collar 

Double Layer Tulle Mock Collar 

Lucinda Collar

Denim Collar 

Denim Collar

Denim Collar

Leopard Print 


The trend for white blouses will continue throughout 2019, with the collars getting bigger as the months go on.  I am on the hunt for some super sonic collars but don't want to go over the top. 

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