How To Create a Stylish Flatlay

As flatlay's become a favourable way to display items that you sell or are going to wear, I have enlisted the help of Jane from  @this _is _ me _fashionably on Instagram. She has taken some shots with my new Spring and Summer products and i'm thrilled.
Here she share's her top tips for getting a great flatlay. 
Choose something simple and non reflective like a white sheet that doesn’t distract from the items in your flatlay . If appropriate you can add texture by using wooden flooring, rugs or throws.
Good lighting is essential for a good flatlay. You need soft natural light 
So position it next to the largest window in your house but not in direct sunlight . Don’t use flash setting as natural light works much better.
Styling and composition 
You want your flatlay to tell a story or convey a feeling. Styled images attract the right followers and serious customers.
Keep your styling simple and organised so as not to overshadow your hero product.
Colour Palette 
Sticking to a simple colour pallete of 2/3 colours works best.
A defined colour theme will add harmony and balance to your flatlay.  You can add interest by layering or adding texture with props.
If you stick to these simple guidelines but experiment along the way as there are no hard and fast rules you won’t go wrong . Get creative! This is a perfect time to do it. 
Hope these simple tips help you to get posting a flatlay!
Tag Jane @this _is _ me _fashionably and use #showmeyourflatlay 
Happy flat laying! xx