How To Beat The January Blues

I hope you are having a wonderful January. Kids settled back at school, decorations tidied away (as much as I love decorations - I do love them going away and getting my house back in order) and thoughts on the year ahead?

Yup, me too.  

It is very easy to mope around in January when the excitement and community of Christmas and the festivities that accompany it are over. It is cold, gets dark early and there isn't much going on.

However, it is important to live in the moment and not wish it away. 

I use this month to catch up on the things I have been meaning to do!

Ways To Make The Most of January 
  • Nothing to do in the evening so catch up on some Box Sets or some reading. Two things that don't get a look in over Christmas. 
  • Plan the year. We ring fence weeks that we are going to be together as a family and discuss ideas for holidays. 
  • Invite friends over for lazy Sundays. Rather than having late nights and a way to get the kids involved and their social skills up to speed, have a family or two over for lunch. We then go for a walk and then back for a cuppa and then wave goodbye. It is a recipe that works for us! 
  • Sort out your wardrobes. Anything that you haven't worn for a year, take to the charity shop or sell on Ebay. You need to make some space for summer threads! 
  • Plough through that to do list. Get to the end of it - because you have the time too. 
  • Sort out your photos. Print them out or print them straight into a book. 

What Have I Been Up To? 

On a work front I am taking lots of product photos, ordering for the summer and rejigging my website - so I am being kept very busy and using this quiet shopping month to do lots behind the scenes. 

It's all about Gifts

What's New on TLM Edit? 

I have new categories... 
I have also changed the shipping options at checkout - eco (free) or gift (4) due to constructive feedback from regular cusomtersq that they feel too indulgent receiving the full monty each time they order!!! 

Come and visit me in my studio!

I am opening up my studio in Hampshire (45 mins from SW London off the M3) for appointments, so if you would like to pop over and have a look and try on in peace with no obligations, please drop me an email

I can also use my colour and style knowledge that learnt at the London College of Fashion to ensure you are sticking to the right colours and styles that suit your style, body shape and colouring!

Make a morning of it and bring a friend! 

Have a great day!! 

Love from 
Lucinda xx

07855 476 488 (Give me a call to ask any questions - I love to chat!!!)