5 Easy Ways To Update Your Wardrobe into Spring

It's that time.

It has happened.

The weather has finally turned and whether it turns back again, you CANNOT go back to winter clothes - you have to adapt. 

What happens if you aren't ready? Don't worry, a few simple adjustments a few reasonably priced additions and hey presto - you are it! 


This is key.

Bra, T Shirt and then a light weight cover up if it gets a bit chillsville. 

These ponchos are a great transitional piece as they are low key, light weight but they have a slight bit of neon with a trim down the side.  

They are

  • a good length to cover builders bum
  • useful for breast feeding
  • handy for travelling

This navy is great for darker haired ladies.

Here I am! 

If you have lighter hair, I recommend this pale grey colourway. 

And the trim up close on the navy... 

Summer Scarf

Ditch the blanket scarf and invest in a couple of cotton scarves to keep any sudden chill at bay.

I love this blue and white stripe one with tassels the end.


Another favourite is the navy scarf with the neon orange rope trim. 

Wearing it on Wednesday! 


Add a few colourful bracelets. You can't go wrong with pink tassels! 

And get your bracelet stack going. This moon and star pair are perfect to start with and then add on. 


If they aren't need on your eyes quite yet - grab a pair of statement glasses for your head.

These cats eye sunglasses have been hugely popular and come in 4 colours. 

If you have light skin and hair, these pink glasses are fab!

Or if you want something even more statement and can pull off darker glasses (you would have darker colouring), go for these black studded ones

They also come silver, beige, brown and pink! 

Make Up

Swap your regular black mascara for a lick of purple.

Especially great on hazel or green eyes to make them stand out! 

Blue Mascara is great on brown eyes too (and I would wear brown mascara on Blue eyes unless you were going to an 80's party!) 

If the thought of coloured mascara terrifies you, why don't you wear under or over your usual colour to get you used to it? 

I hope this has given you a few ideas.

Now is the time to buy a few pieces that will give you a little boost. 

Use FREESHIPPING at checkout for .... free shipping any orders over £20!! 

Have a lovely Bank Holiday! xx